Chicago Blackhawks: There is still plenty of opportunity to succeed

The Chicago Blackhawks are sitting at NHL .500 with a 20-20-6 record. They are still within striking distance of a playoff spot so they need to keep going.

The Chicago Blackhawks are currently sitting at NHL .500. They have 46 points in 46 games as they have a 20-20-6 record. They are currently on pace for 82 points which would not be good enough for the playoffs in the Western Conference. They would definitely need to pick up the pace to get there but they have what it takes in that locker room to go on a run. We have seen this core go on runs to the playoffs in the past so fans of the team should stick with it.

One thing is for sure, Patrick Kane is there and going to do everything in his power to give this team a chance. Kane has 24 goals and 33 assists for 57 points in 46 games. He is on pace for 101 points this season. It is another remarkable season for the best player the team has ever had. He has been everything the Hawks have needed this season and then some. It would be nice to see the rest of the team come together to support him more.

The goaltending this season has been pretty good. Corey Crawford and Robin Lehner have shared the net for most of the season and played admirably. Crawford has been with the team for a lot of the good days. Lehner has come in to bring some stability to the net and he has done just that. The duo has been very good this season. Goaltending has not been a problem for Chicago at all. In fact, they might be way out of it if they didn’t have this goaltending tandem.

They are also starting to see what they have in rookie Dominik Kubalik. He has scored in four straight games which have provided a major boost to the Chicago Blackhawks offense. If he can keep it up the Blackhawks should win more games. Guys like Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are always going to contribute so if someone like Kubalik adds consistent scoring depth that could go a long way down the stretch.

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The Blackhawks are for sure a longshot to be in the playoffs but they have hope. With good goaltending anything is possible. If they can play their game they should be able to win more games than they lose. It would be nice to just see them in the race late. Nobody wants to watch a team that Kane and Toews play on to be dead in March. These two need to be in the playoffs or at least in the chase for the playoffs. Hopefully, the Blackhawks are able to use that big win over Anaheim to their advantage.

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