Chicago Bulls: Bold predictions for Jabari Parker in 2018-2019

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Bold prediction no. 2: Parker won’t suffer a major injury next season

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I know this is playing with fire by being so sure about Parker staying healthy. He’s torn the ACL in his left knee twice in his four-year NBA career. He only played in three games before the playoffs last season because he was recovering from one of those injuries. It’s been a tale of bad timing for Parker, who was on the verge of breakout performances both times he tore his ACL.

The contract is something I keep harping on for Parker and his motivation, but he can pretty much kiss Chicago goodbye if he gets seriously injured next season. His injury history is why he couldn’t get a long-term contract in the offseason, and the reason the second year of his current deal is a team option.

Of course, Parker can’t exactly control whether or not he gets injured. He always plays with aggression on the offensive end of the ball, and that’s never changed despite his injuries. I feel Parker has a real shot to at least contend for the comeback player of the year if he can stay healthy and make an impact.

It’s far from a guarantee, but if he can stay on the court all season Parker may have a long-term future in Chicago. It’s clear Parker is passionate about being here. He wrote a great piece in The Players’ Tribune after he signed with the Bulls about his love for Chicago. Here’s an excerpt:

"My Chicago might not be the same as your Chicago. Or maybe you don’t know Chi at all. But we all know home. And Chicago is home."

Parker has a nice opportunity to make his city and Bulls fans proud. The first step is staying on the court at the United Center, and I strongly believe he will. He might get banged up and miss a game here or there, but as long as his knees stay intact Parker should be able to do big things in a Bulls uniform.