Chicago Bears: 3 reasons not to panic after Bengals game

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Game action is just different

Very little was expected of the Bears’ offense in Thursday’s game. As I mentioned in my game preview, it would be a surprise if they played more than two-series in the game. And that’s just what happened.

While their performance was less than inspiring, and it would have been nice to see them put one good series together, it’s not the end of the world. Look, we all (or should have) entered this preseason with eyes wide open. This team underwent an extraordinary roster turnover, a new coaching staff, and a new offensive system.

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There were going to be obvious ups and downs as this team worked through all of those changes. The one thing to hang your hat on as a fan is that Trubisky and the offense have shown improvement throughout practice.

Early on, he was throwing interceptions in practice to the disappointment of fans. Just as quickly though, he turned things around, having his best practices in the days leading up to the game against the Bengals.

That’s a great sign, as it shows he is making progress. What would be alarming is if you did not see that positive development.

However, game action is a completely different animal. And for all intents and purposes, last night was his first game action dealing with all of these new variables. What we will need to watch is how he and the rest of the offense respond to these issues.

If, however, for some reason they don’t and are making these mistakes against the Denver Broncos, then we should be concerned. As of right now, everyone should take their hand off the panic button.