Promoting Dowell Loggains to head coach would be a disaster

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The Chicago Bears are in need of a new head coach. That coach should not be Dowell Loggains.

On Sunday, the Chicago Bears lost to the Detroit Lions by a score of 20-10. While the score seemed close, it really wasn’t. But, hey, that’s the way John Fox wants it. That way he can continue to say that his team continues to lose tight games.

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Enough with Fox though. It’s basically a foregone conclusion that he will be gone after the season. So, let’s talk about the scenario that would be an unmitigated disaster: making Loggains the 19th head coach in team history.

Honestly, I hadn’t given it much thought until former Chicago Bears’ director of scouting, Greg Gabriel, mentioned that Loggains believes he will be the next head coach.

Woof. Could you imagine that? Last year, I thought Loggains didn’t deserve a lot of the heat he was taking. His offense still moved the football, despite having four different quarterbacks (that weren’t very good) seeing the field.

At the start of this season, I also gave him a pass. Mike Glennon, who is awful, was forced upon him. I don’t know if Dick Vermeil could have gotten any production from him. You add on the poor receiving corps with Glennon and it’s a disaster. So, in comes Mitch Trubisky. You’d think that a young coordinator like Loggains would be salivating at all of the different ways he could use an accurate, athletic quarterback. In the end, we were all fooled.

I know that Trubisky is a rookie, so there’s a learning curve. However, the game plans that Loggains calls do not play to Trubisky’s strengths. Two times this season have we seen game plans that feature some read-options, run-pass options and bootlegs. Those games were against the Detroit Lions (at Soldier Field) and against the Cincinnati Bengals. Is it a coincidence that Trubisky looked great in those games?

Then, you factor in that the personnel usage in these games is atrocious. Josh Bellamy has games where he will lead the wide receivers in snaps. Why? Kendall Wright and Dontrelle Inman are better players. Why does Benny Cunningham see the field as much as he does? Unless there’s an injury, it should either be Tarik Cohen or Jordan Howard out there in the backfield.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. Per ESPN, the Chicago Bears offense ranks 22nd in total yards, 30th in passing yards and 8th in rushing yards. Sorry, Dowell, those numbers don’t deserve a promotion. A good coordinator finds a way to get the job done with the personnel that he has.

When defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was asked about the amount of injuries he faces on defense, he said,

"“A carpenter never blames his tool. He just finds a way to get the thing built.”"

The only reason why I can even imagine Loggains returning is because the front office wouldn’t want Trubisky to learn a new system. Here’s a news flash. The system that Loggains runs is garbage.

Remember when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were so scared of Dirk Koetter leaving the team that they fired Lovie Smith? How’s Koetter doing now for Tampa? They’re 4-9 and Jameis Winston has regressed. Don’t make the same mistake, Ryan Pace.

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I definitely have optimism going into next season. The Chicago Bears have a lot of money to spend, a high draft pick and a good, developing quarterback. However, that optimism is dependent upon Loggains and Fox BOTH getting canned at the end of the season. Let’s hope Pace makes the right move and hires the right coach for this team moving forward.