Chicago Bears: Three things most to blame for bad 2017 season

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More than one problem has arisen to derail the Chicago Bears season this year. What is most to blame for this disappointing season?

Surprise! The Chicago Bears had a bad 2017 football season.

Okay, that’s not really that surprising.

I know that we’re all fans here and all would’ve been thrilled to see the Chicago Bears defy the odds and make a real run this year. But let’s be real: you knew that was fool’s gold, right?

From the moment they decided Mike Glennon was going to start regular season football games for this team, that was enough for me. The Bears could say they were trying to win football games, but they were really just biding their time until this season was over.

From the moment they drafted Mitch Trubisky with the second-overall pick in last season’s draft, this immediately became about the future, not the present.

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That said, 2017 was not supposed to look quite this bad. I’m sure that on paper, the Bears thought they were going to win a few more football games than this.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

After Saturday’s lethargic 20-10 loss to the Detroit Lions, the Chicago Bears fell to 4-10. If you’re scoring at home, that’s only one win better than last year’s debacle of a football season.

And though the Cleveland Browns are coming to town next week (boy, that’ll be a fun game to watch), what really makes you believe that game is an easy win for the Bears?

Just think about that for a moment. I cannot tell you with absolute certainty that the Chicago Bears will beat the 0-14 Browns.

How did we even get to this point? And who is most to blame for how awful this team is?

Let me know where you think these things rank below.