Notre Dame: How Houston Griffith commitment elevates football program

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Notre Dame setting up for big future

More than just helping Notre Dame pick its momentum back up after a brief setback, Griffith’s commitment puts this year’s recruiting class right back up there with some of the tops in the nation and helps fill in another major need.

Though you want as much top talent as you can get, nabbing Griffith, as well as Allen, essentially lock down the safety spot for at least year as far as recruiting goes.

And as it were, he fits into an intricate puzzle that Notre Dame has been trying to fill in regarding trouble spots on the roster.

A top-75 player each at quarterback, cornerback, safety and receiver? Now that’s a job well done.

Of course, it’s important to note that Allen and Griffith have the positional versatility to play either spot, though both project as safeties.

As such, it might behoove the Irish to heavily target another top corner with one of its remaining scholarship spots. Kyler Gordon and Noah Boykins look like the top names they might want to pull there.

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But just with this Griffith move, Notre Dame’s recruiting class jumped up to sixth overall in 247Sports’ composite rankings. And with what looks to be a veteran team next season, it looks like the Irish will be reloading right into a good couple of years as a top college football program once again.