What we learned from the Chicago Bears embarrassing loss to the 49ers

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears were the more talented team on Sunday, but they were completely out-coached by the 49ers. Here is what we learned from the game.

The Chicago Bears continue to impress me at how inept they can truly be. Today, they entered as favorites against the San Francisco 49ers. Like clockwork, they lost. This isn’t surprising, because they are now 0-7 under John Fox, when they enter as favorites. With a 15-14 loss, the Chicago Bears are now 3-9, while the 49ers move to 2-10. The Chicago Bears actually lost to a team with one win. Here are seven thoughts on the embarrassing loss:

1. Cornerback Kyle Fuller played well. It was a much needed game for Fuller, who had seen his level of play dipping. He had a nice pass-breakup at the goal line in the first quarter. He made some terrific tackles and showed tremendous concentration for the first interception of Jimmy Garoppolo‘s career.

2. Mitch Trubisky had a good game. He completed 12 of 15 passes for 102 yards and a touchdown. He also added 19 yards on four carries. I thought he was sharp, poised and accurate. He can really spin the football and that was evident on this touchdown throw to Dontrelle Inman.

3. The defense really struggles without a pass rush and that pass rush left when Willie Young and Leonard Floyd suffered season-ending injuries. Garoppolo was sacked twice, but that really doesn’t tell the story. One was from Lamarr Houston, who stayed home on a bootleg. The other was from Christian Jones on a blitz. They simply could not get any pressure applied with four guys. They had to blitz, but when they blitzed Garoppolo was able to find the open receivers.

4. Tarik Cohen showed how much of a game-changer he is, again, yet the Chicago Bears refuse to get him more involved. He had two carries for five yards and added 39 receiving yards on four receptions. The biggest play he had was a 61-yard punt return for a touchdown. It was scary because he kept running backwards, but it worked. For the biggest offensive threat to only touch the football six times is mind-boggling. That falls on this coaching staff.

Chicago Bears Tarik Cohen
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5. Speaking of this coaching staff, they were completely out-coached. The 49ers were giving up 372 yards per game, yet the Chicago Bears only had 147 yards of offense. Think about that. This coaching staff also refuses to play Adam Shaheen, who showed a lot of potential against the Detroit Lions. However, ever since Dion Sims returned from illness, Shaheen has hardly seen the field. In the last two games, hes seen one target, which was caught for one yard. It’s laughable how this team refuses to play their best players.

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6. After the game, Fox called Cairo Santos “Carlos” and called Pat O’Donnell “Rob”. The guy clearly has no idea what he’s doing anymore. He also did not want to let the 49ers score, because he “felt good” about blocking the 24-yard kick. Think about that. It’s from 24 yards! You could kick a 24-yarder with a blindfold on.

7. If Fox does get fired tomorrow, at least he will be able to think about how the kicker, Robbie Gould, he did not want kicked five field-goals to win the game. All this while Connor Barth isn’t even on the team anymore. Great job, John Fox. I hope you’re happy.

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Watching these games is depressing, but we must remember that better days are ahead. At the very worst, Fox is fired on black Monday. Trubisky continues to show promise and that’s what really matters. Despite the coaching around him, Trubisky doesn’t back down. Hang in there, Bears fans.