Chicago Bears: Could John Fox get the Ben McAdoo treatment?

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The Chicago Bears shouldn’t have to see anything more from John Fox to know that this team would be better off without him as its coach.

While the Chicago Bears languish away in the Midwest, it’s easy to forget what a mess the New York Giants are.

Actually, no it isn’t. Not after the stuff they just pulled with Eli Manning.

In fact, things have turned into such a soap opera that the Giants could be on the verge of making a surprise move in their organization.

Reports have come out that the Giants could fire head coach Ben McAdoo as soon as 24 hours after the end of their game against the Oakland Raiders. Amid the Manning news, issues with veteran players and a season worth of futility, John Mara seems to have seen enough.

Could the Chicago Bears consider the same thing?

The Bears just got done losing 15-14 to the 2-8 San Francisco 49ers in one of the most lethargic, embarrassing games of the season. And that’s saying a lot.

Mitch Trubisky was handcuffed as the Bears elected to run the ball with Jordan Howard to the tune of 38 yards on 13 carries. As a result, Chicago scored just one offensive touchdown.

Their defense couldn’t stop the likes of Marquise Goodwin (eight catches, 99 yards) and Trent Taylor (six catches, 92 yards) from roasting them all day long.

And they committed costly, ridiculous penalties at the worst possible times, including an awful roughing-the-passer flag on Roy Robertson-Harris and a block in the back by Ben Braunecker on a huge Tarik Cohen punt return.

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Adam Shaheen isn’t playing. They still don’t know how to attack opposing offenses properly. And they can’t even pretend to play disciplined football.

When you manage to play poorly enough that a 1-8 football team controls the football game against you and wins, that’s just sad.

But that’s where the Chicago Bears under John Fox, and that’s what’s going to happen until this season ends if he stays.

I don’t really care if the Bears don’t want to see Vic Fangio as a head coaching option. They can let him go after next season and have done with it for all I care.

All I know is that Fox can’t be in their plans for next year. And they shouldn’t want to see another second of him coaching this team after what we’ve been seeing.

There’s no point in continuing with this. I can’t think of anything this team is doing right now that anyone really needs to keep seeing even for evaluation purposes. They’re simply wasting everyone’s team right now, including their own.

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Move on from John Fox as soon as possible. There’s simply no real downside to it at this point. Or does another week of completely embarrassing play against the second-worst team in football appeal to Bears brass?

It sure doesn’t appeal to the fans.