Chicago Bears: Tarik Cohen torches 49ers with punt return TD

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears got a monster punt return from the electrifying Tarik Cohen against the San Francisco 49ers, giving the Bears a 14-6 lead.

Earlier in the game, the Chicago Bears screwed up a big play from Tarik Cohen with a holding penalty by Charles Leno.

Then, on a second-quarter punt return, Cohen almost messed up everything all on his own. But then, he showed us what the Tarik Cohen Experience is all about: making something ridiculous looked awesome.

Cohen’s 61-yard punt return electrified the Soldier Field crowd, filling them with memories of Devin Hester. Better yet, it gave the Bears a 14-6 lead.

In the NFL, plays like this aren’t supposed to work. Defenders are faster, more athletic and better coached than in college.

At least, that’s usually how this works. But on this play, Cohen made everyone look silly.

I have to imagine that everyone watching this play was screaming at their TVs as Cohen caught this punt and reversed field. It’s the kind of move that has resulted in complete disaster for Cohen all year: run backwards to try and get around opponents only to lose seven yards for no reason.

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But with the coverage still scrambling to corral him, Cohen’s ridiculous agility turned the tide. That crazy move he made to stop on a dime and flip the field? As soon as he did that, it was over.

Then, as Jeff Joniak said once after watching Hester carve up the Minnesota Vikings back in 2007, there was nothing by Kentucky bluegrass in front of him.

We’ve been begging for the Bears to get Cohen on the field and get him more touches for weeks now. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out much offensively, and his return game has been hit or miss thus far.

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But right here, Cohen reminded everybody why the Bears took a chance on him in the fourth round of the draft. He’s as explosive as they come, and the show he puts on is worth the price of admission.

He’s one of the only things about the Chicago Bears that is.