What we learned from the Chicago Bears win over the Ravens

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Other noteworthy tidbits

Chicago Bears’ center Cody Whitehair had some bad moments in this game. I wrote this last week, after the loss to the Minnesota Vikings:

"Center Cody Whitehair made the All-Rookie team last season, and he has the potential to become a Pro Bowl player. However, he needs to wake up. I have been willing to make excuses for him earlier this season because he was playing three different positions along the offensive line due to injuries. However, this was the third straight week where the true starting offensive line played, so he needs to step up. He must have had three high shotgun snaps that threw off the rhythm of Trubisky. This is not the first week he has done this, either. Whitehair has been doing this for weeks. He needs to get it together. He also had a holding penalty called on him on the first drive of the game that made it a 3rd-and-20."

It was not much better today, as he had two bad snaps.

Fortunately, Trubisky bailed him out on the first one, while the second one was negated by a timeout.

I think Whitehair is a good center (that can be great), but he has the yips right now. Hopefully, he gets the issue fixed, sooner rather than later.

On another note, the Bears’ special teams was pathetic. They assumed that Rainey was tripped up by a Bear, but he actually was tripped by his own player.

To make matters worse, Chicago Bears’ punter Pat O’Donnell kicked a ball right down the middle to Campanaro, which allowed the 77-yard touchdown return to happen. Not to mention, the coverage on the play was awful.

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Fortunately, Chicago Bears’ kicker Connor Barth was able to hit the game-winning field goal, to help the unit end on a high note. However, this can not happen, ever again.

As I stated earlier, the Chicago Bears will face the Caolina Panthers next Sunday at Soldier Field. It should be an exciting game, and I can not wait.