Chicago Bears vs. Baltimore Ravens: Offensive grades

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The Chicago Bears offense got a lift from their best offensive players when they needed it most in their 27-24 win against the Baltimore Ravens.

As a Chicago Bears fan, it’s hard not to look at yesterday afternoon’s and wonder what this team would’ve been if Mitch Trubisky had just started the season as the Bears’ quarterback.

At this point, the “he wasn’t ready” argument doesn’t work for me anymore. Having seen the way Fox and the Bears have handled this game plan thus far, I have no doubt he could’ve executed just fine in Week 1. Having him sit and watch…whatever that was Mike Glennon was doing may have helped him some, I don’t think it helped as much as some think.

But that’s in the past.

What are we seeing right now? I spy…an offense hampered by a head coach’s frustrating obsession with “not losing” versus “winning” games.

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And…an offensive coordinator that may or may not be good and may or may not have the freedom to show us what he really is.

AND…a kind of predictability that makes this offense effective only when its players transcend its weaknesses.

Fortunately, we saw just that Sunday afternoon: the Bears’ best players simply overcame the plan and dragged them to a win.

Let’s end all debate about whether or not playing Trubisky is the right move. Yesterday should’ve clinched it for you. If it didn’t, then just accept that you can never be satisfied with anything in life.

Also, don’t fret about Jordan Howard. That man is justtttt fine.

Let’s check out the grades for those guys as well as the rest of the position groups.