What we learned from the Chicago Bears blowout loss to the Packers

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Chicago Bears Akiem Hicks
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The players on the team have started to show their frustration

Let me start this off by giving you an example before I say that players on defense will eventually stop playing hard.

So, say that I spilled milk on the floor and you cleaned it up. After you cleaned it up, I spilled another gallon, again. You cleaned it, again. After that, I spilled another gallon, and so on and so on. Wouldn’t you just stop cleaning up the mess? Nothing was ever going to change.

So, when I say that the defense is tired of cleaning up the consistent mess of the offense, then believe me that it is very real.

During the game, I saw high effort from the defense, which was admirable. They were put in tough spots all game long.

As the game wore on, I started to see a noticeable difference in their attitude, like the Trevathan hit (frustration) and effort. David Carr was quick to point that out, too.

After the game, the players were, obviously, fed up with the play of the team, and it showed in the comments that they made.

If that is not a jab by Wheaton, then I do not know what is.

I think we all know what Akiem Hicks is talking about, here. The team needs to bench Glennon.

Zach Miller has seen enough, guys. I have seen enough. You have seen enough. Glennon is not good at football. It is as simple as that.

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If Fox really cares about his job and the players on the team, then he will play Mitch Trubisky two weeks from now against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. This would give Trubisky 11 days to prepare. I know that Trubisky is ready. He would not be the backup quarterback if he was not ready.

If Trubisky starts, this team could start to get on a roll and start to surprise people. I miss the monsters of the midway, and I am sure you do too.