Chicago Bears: Glennon bombs again in awful loss to Green Bay Packers

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The Chicago Bears, and Mike Glennon especially, prove once again that they’re not ready for primetime in 35-14 beatdown loss to the Green Bay Packers.

We’re only through four games this season, and the Chicago Bears have already grown tiresome to watch. This one wasn’t quite 2014 Marc Trestman-Era bad, but it was pretty gross.

After a surprise on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, this 35-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers brought us back to the reality of what the Bears are: a losing football team.

Poor strategy from the coaches. More poor execution and poor decision-making by the players. And, king of all, more atrocious quarterback play. Any good feelings built up from this weekend disappeared either some point during the Packers’ first offensive drive or as soon as Cody Whitehair sent his first snap back to Mike Glennon.

Either way, this game looked more or less over after a few minutes. And it only got worse from there.

Offensive Showing from Offense

After Rodgers and the Packers drove the field easily on their first drive, the Bears got the ball with a chance to respond from the 25-yard line.

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Naturally, Clay Matthews picked that time to become the Green Bay Packers’ all-time sack leader with a takedown of Glennon.

But just sacking him wasn’t enough, of course. No, he had to strip the ball from Glennon, knocking the ball loose for the Packers to recover inside the Bears five.

Green Bay naturally scored immediately, going up by two touchdowns over the course of 53 seconds.

Then, with the Bears down 14-0, Glennon proceeded to turn the ball over twice more, both in utterly embarrassing fashion.

With Mark Sanchez watching proudly from the sidelines, Glennon executed his version of Sanchez’s “butt fumble”, kicking a snap he wasn’t expecting into the Packers’ defensive backfield. Watching Glennon dance around helplessly in the backfield as the Packers recovered the football probably killed a few of my brain cells.

Oh, but it gets better. You wanted a terrible interception, Bears fans? You got it.

Of course, Glennon managed to throw a touchdown pass before the half to give the coaches something positive to spin about him. But, true to his form, Glennon took those good vibes and threw them into the arms of a Packers defender once again.

There has to be point coming soon where enough is enough. While the Bears reportedly don’t want to play Trubisky until late in the year, can they deny that he’d probably be better than this?

I don’t think that’s possible anymore.

Defense Suffers as a Result

All the while, a defense that had its hands full as it was couldn’t hold Rodgers back without help from the offense.

The Packers scored three times off of Bears turnovers, and Rodgers victimized a Bears defense that didn’t get nearly as much pressure as they should have against a banged-up Packers offensive line. Aside from a sack by Pernell McPhee, the Bears rarely touched Rodgers. And he made their secondary pay as a result.

Aside from a sack each by Pernell McPhee and Leonard Floyd, the Bears rarely touched Rodgers. And he made their secondary pay as a result.

Over and over again.

That great day from Kyle Fuller, Marcus Cooper and the Bears’ defensive backs Sunday feels like a distant memory now.

Then, to make matters worse, Danny Trevathan could find himself in some trouble after a brutal third-quarter hit on Davonte Adams that sent the receiver out of the game. Though you want your players playing through the whistle, this kind of play isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.

Best wishes to Adams.

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To sum it up, the Chicago Bears showed once again that they’re nowhere near actually competing with the Packers for supremacy in this division. And until they make a quarterback change, they’re kidding themselves to think that they have real chances to beat good teams consistently.

They’ll have ten days to decide whether or not they want to stop fooling themselves, at least in one aspect anyway. If Mitch Trubisky isn’t starting when the Chicago Bears play the Minnesota Vikings two Mondays from now, we’ll know that the status quo is fine for now. And Bears fans will come that much closer to losing their minds.