Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: Offensive grades

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Chicago Bears Mike Glennon
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Quarterback: Mega Trash

Seriously…I’m not sure what more I need to go into here. If you watched the game, you know how bad it was.

At this point, I really want someone to watch that performance and give me a legitimate reason for why Glennon deserves to continue starting for this football team. And don’t look at the 218 passing yards as something to celebrate about after that dreadful 101-yard performance Sunday.

A touchdown at the end of the second half when the Packers were sagging in zone coverage? A decent drive to start the second half in which the Bears didn’t close the deal?

Do those things negate the four largely unforced turnovers Glennon produced in this game?

Stop trying to say that “not all the turnovers were on Mike” as if 1. That were even true, or 2. That it matters.

This strip sack might be worth a benefit of the doubt as Sims got the run-around from Matthews. But one can’t deny he had a decent amount of time to throw the football on that play. The film should show what the hesitance was about there.

The fumble? Everyone on the offense knew when the snap was coming except for Glennon. He lifted his leg to give Whitehair the queue to snap the ball and paused. And again, everyone else seemed to think the play was “1”. How’s that not largely on Glennon? Is Whitehair supposed to read his mind?

Then, the interceptions…

Don’t try to hang those on the receivers. Glennon overshot his man both times with spectacularly ugly throws. At some point, you have to realize that he’s just not a good player and stop making excuses for him.

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I’ve seen enough, personally. If Mitch Trubisky doesn’t start the next game for the Chicago Bears, I might skip out on grading these games for a while. It’s getting to be too hard, especially on the road, to do accurately.