Why The Cubs Were Snubbed From Hosting Upcoming All-Star Game

The bid could come soon for the Cubs, but we now know why the All-Star Game is not coming to Chicago just yet.
Jul 7, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Detailed view of the marquee sign outside the stadium showing a
Jul 7, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Detailed view of the marquee sign outside the stadium showing a / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In 2014, the Chicago Cubs embarked on a journey to renovate beautiful and historic Wrigley Field and the areas surrounding. Now, the area has been updated with modern and futuristic amenities while still respecting and highlighting the historic past of the Friendly Confines.

One of the many reasons the Cubs spent so much time and effort on these updates to the area was to incline Major League Baseball to consider the north side cathedral as a possible future host of an MLB All Star Game. It was believed the Cubs could host as soon as 2025, but they were not selected. Truist Park in Atlanta will host in 2025 and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia will host in 2026.

Cubs fans were confused as to why Wrigley was not selected, even after all the work was done to it. However, we now know why MLB believes the Cubs are not quite ready to host.

One More Key Upgrade is Beeded for the Cubs to Host an All-Star Game

Head of Business Operations for the Cubs Craine Kenney went on WBBM News Radio in Chicago with an explanation as to why the Cubs did not get the bid for an upcoming game. He says MLB is requiring them to install bollards around the exterior of the Friendly Confines as a precaution to stop traffic and any possible "risks of terrorism through automobile."

This should be the last of what would be required to host. They have the ballpark, they have the surrounding area, and the Cubs can provide a historic feel that only Fenway Park in Boston could rival. There is no doubt that when the Cubs finally do get the approval to host, in terms of destination, it will be the most anticipated All Star Game since the closing of Old Yankee Stadium in 2008.

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