Ranking the Bears' 10 Best Draft Picks of the Last Decade

How do the best 10 draft selections by the Bears in the last decade stack up?
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9. Adrian Amos, S - 2015

5th Round, 142nd Overall

Amos was the lone bright spot of the 2015 draft for the Bears. Eddie Goldman was solid for a brief moment, but never lived up to his top-40 selection. Kevin White surely isn't making this list and was actually the worst first-round pick of the Bears' last 10 in another recent article I did ranking the last 10 first-round picks by the Bears.

Fifth-round draft picks are not often game-changers and tone-setters for teams. Amos was both of those in four seasons with the Bears. He was not a ball hawk as he only had three interceptions over that span, but he was a hard-hitting safety who was always around the ball and never had less than 65 combined tackles in a season. The arrival of Eddie Jackson in 2017 only elevated his play as the two were the perfect match on the back end. Jackson was able to play center field while Amos dropped down into the box to support the run and short passing game. Jerrick McKinnon was one of many to be lit up by Amos.

8. Braxton Jones, T - 2022

5th Round, 168th overall

Braxton Jones has been the Bears starting left tackle since he was drafted two years ago. No one is claiming he is Joe Thomas or Jonathan Ogden, but finding a starting-caliber left tackle in the fifth round is highly unlikely. Jones does not do anything spectacular, but he is average across the board. PFF ranked him as their 35th overall tackle last season out of 81. Jones was general manager Ryan Poles' first offensive lineman selection and it looks like a quality pick to this point.

The Bears hold the 1st and 9th overall selections in the upcoming draft and while Caleb Williams is all but surely the first pick, the Bears can go a number of ways at number 9. There is a case to be made if Joe Alt is available at number nine the Bears should take him. Alt would no doubt be an upgrade over Jones, but if a receiver or stud edge rusher is also available then it may be better to do that and let Jones remain the left tackle. He did miss some time last season with a neck injury, but when he is on the field is a serviceable protector.