New Zach LaVine Report is Disaster Scenario for Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly considering making a big Zach LaVine mistake.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls finally made the long-awaited move of trading Alex Caruso. The return wasn't what Bulls fans were hoping for but the front office at least showed a willingness to move towards rebuilding rather than run it back. Naturally, all eyes have now turned to Zach LaVine, whose albatross of a contract combined with his injury concerns make it difficult for the Bulls to fully embrace the rebuild.

Even though there is a widespread expectation that the Bulls will trade LaVine in the next couple of weeks, the latest report from K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago should terrify the fans. In an appearance on the latest episode of Bulls Talk, Johnson said that there is a scenario in which the Bulls keep LaVine because of his good fit with Josh Giddey.

Bulls Rumors: Chicago Might Keep Zach LaVine

First of all, the idea that LaVine and Giddey fit is ludicrous. Sure, on the offensive end, LaVine's shooting is a good complement to Giddey's lack of scoring and floor-spacing. Giddey is a very good passer and he can put LaVine in good positions to succeed. On the defensive end, however, the fit is absolutely terrible.

Despite his good positional size, Giddey is one of the worst perimeter defenders in the league. LaVine is similarly bad for his position. If those two are your backcourt starters, you are basically guaranteeing yourself a bad defense, regardless of who the other three players on the court are.

Secondly, there is no guarantee that LaVine is going to rehab his value. Sure, there is a chance he will stay healthy and play better next season. There is an equally likely scenario in which he has another lost season, making him practically untradable like Ben Simmons has been over the past couple of years. When teams worry about trading players when their value is low, they never consider the possibility that it could go even lower.

It's time the Bulls accept reality and trade LaVine for whatever they can get, as long as they don't have to give up any value to move on from him. Bulls fans simply can't bear another mediocre season trying to chase a play-in spot.

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