Insider Reveals Cubs Making a Huge Mistake With Cody Bellinger

There is an update from ESPN Insider Jesse Rogers regarding the ongoing contract situation with Cody Bellinger. The update and status of it are not enticing.

Sep 26, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Chicago Cubs first baseman Cody Bellinger (24) hits a single
Sep 26, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Chicago Cubs first baseman Cody Bellinger (24) hits a single / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, Jesse Rogers wrote an article that informed people about the current position of the Cody Bellinger contract discussions with the Chicago Cubs. There are comments from Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts included in the story.

Rogers' reports and Ricketts' comments do not paint a pretty picture for Cubs fans.

According to Ricketts, there have solely been discussions and nothing else yet. This implies the Cubs and Bellinger's team are distant from securing an agreement. Ricketts spoke on the matter when asked during a quick media session.

However, that does not seem to phase Ricketts in the slightest. He feels they have enough to contend for the division. It's all about having enough to get into the playoffs. Referring to the Diamondbacks last year, all it takes is an opportunity to make the playoffs.

Now, there is no guarantee that even if the Cubs did sign Bellinger, it would ensure success, but fans are discouraged that the Cubs are acting like a small-market franchise. They have made several moves this offseason to build a contender, but has President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer done enough?

Numerous fans would say no, and rightfully so.

I am not saying the Cubs should go out and sign every big-name free agent available. They are not the Yankees, Dodgers, or Mets. However, you need to spend and invest in intelligent acquisitions.

Bringing in guys like Rhys Hoskins, Matt Chapman, Cody Bellinger, and Liam Hendriks would be great short-term investments and would fill critical holes in the roster. If successful, you can contend each year, and you don't have to rush the development of the young talent in the farm system.

The Cubs have all the money and young talent at their disposal and need to take advantage of that. There is still time to sign guys like Chapman and Bellinger, who are still available, but not much time left before the season starts. Don't be surprised if the Cubs rely on their young talent to fill those positions of need. The goal now is to focus on making the playoffs according to Ricketts and then it's pretty much anyone's game.

Only time will tell if the Cubs have made enough moves to make the postseason, but it's a long season. The depth seems to have improved, but the Cubs don't have enough star power to help lead them to the promised land. Bringing in Bellinger and Chapman would potentially help push the team to a better chance at making the playoffs, which would ensure Rickett's approach that making the postseason is all they need to guarantee success.

From there on, it is anyone's game.

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