How a Potential Dylan Cease Trade Has Been Impacted by the Corbin Burnes Deal

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Time to Hold Cease Until the Deadline?

The reason Getz can set a high price is he does not have to trade Cease right now. The Sox are unlikely to extend him but at the same time, he will not be a free agent until after next season.

This means the Sox can put him back on the market at this season's trade deadline, next offseason, or the 2025 trade deadline. Burnes has helped establish a market if the Sox choose to trade Cease next offseason. Yes, Burnes has the Cy Young, but Cease nearly won it in 2022 and who is to say that with an adjustment, Cease cannot get back to that type of season in 2024.

The risk with not moving before Spring Training is Cease could get hurt. That really impacts his market. One of the reasons the Brewers are hitting the reset button is Brandon Woodruff got hurt and needed surgery that will wipe out his 2024 season. They non-tendered him and lost him for nothing.

The other risk of not moving Cease now is he continues to struggle and then the return for him is going to be minimal. On the flip side, if he returns to Cy Cease, then he might deliver the package of players Getz is demanding to a contender in desperate need of pitching at this year's trade deadline. He will still have value then since he can pitch for a contender for the rest of 2024 and 2025.

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