Grading the Bears' 3 Offensive Additions

The Bears made a few key additions to the offense, how do they grade out?
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Coleman Shelton, C - B

If you have followed the Bears for the past few seasons then you know that they have struggled at the center position. Shelton, the starting center for the Rams last season, was signed by the Bears on a one-year deal. The decline of Cody Whitehair was not fully addressed ever by the Bears. Lucas Patrick was brought in once Luke Getsy was named offensive coordinator, but that unfortunately never panned out. Patrick ranked 30th in qualifying centers last season per PFF (subscription required). On the other hand, Shelton ranked 17th overall.

We don't have to sit here and argue that the Bears signed the best center in the league. Shelton is a slight upgrade over Patrick and likely isn't the long-time answer as he only signed a one-year deal. The consensus around the league is that the Bears will draft Caleb Williams with the number one overall pick and the best thing a rookie quarterback can have is a veteran center.

Shelton will likely compete with Ryan Bates for the starting center spot. Bates was acquired in a trade with the Bills in which the Bears sent over a fifth-round pick. Bates was a backup in Buffalo last season so it is likely that Shelton will be the starting center for the Bears at the start of the season.