Former LeBron Teammate Has Perfect Take on James vs. Michael Jordan Debate

The same debate we've had for the better part of two decades continues to be had daily. Now, one of LeBron's former teammates is weighing in.
2022 NBA All-Star Game
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Since he made his debut into the NBA back in 2003, LeBron James has been widely believed to be the best. At 39 years of age and in the middle of his 21st professional season, his career statistics either rank at the top or close to the top in nearly every category. There is no debate to be had that he is one of the greats who has ever played the game.

The debate that continues to be had if he is the greatest of all time, or does that title still belong to His Airness, Michael Jordan.

Fans, journalists, and even players all over the globe continue to have this debate that will live on for ages to come. At sporting events, concerts, parties, nearly anything, there will be at least one person bringing this up. The latest to do so, publicly at least, would be one of James' former teammates. His answer may be surprising.

Ray Allen is Taking Michael Jordan Over LeBron James

Ray Allen played against both James and Jordan over his own Hall-of-Fame career, also spending time as a teammate of LeBron in Miami. But even with that loyalty, Allen knows who the real GOAT is.

While he says James is a better passer, he says Jordan had no other weakness, making him the greatest of all time. For as long as Chicago Bulls fans hated him, Allen might have won some back over to him.

There you have it, folks. What more do you need?

James' own teammate is taking MJ over him. There can be statistics thrown out to prove points. There can be talks of longevity and time off. There can be talks of flopping and physicality of the games. A point can be made for either side.

But at the end of the day, Jordan is 6-0 in the finals, basically all in a row. Case closed.

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