Final Bears 7-Round Mock Before 2024 NFL Draft

The first pick in the draft is all but set in stone, but what do the Bears do after that?
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Loading up on Offensive Weapons

Wide Receiver. Rome Odunze. Rome Odunze Embed. . Rome Odunze. . Round 1, Pick 9 . 1. player. 521

Many believe that quarterbacks can end up being the first four picks of the draft. That would be an ideal outcome for the Bears as it means one of the big three receivers falls to them on top of offensive tackle and defensive line.

I personally expect Marvin Harrison Jr., Joe Alt, and Malik Nabers to all be gone before the Falcons pick at 8. This would mean Atlanta can take Dallas Turner as they have a huge need at edge or someone trades up to snag Odunze. In this scenario, the Falcons took Turner leaving the Bears with Odunze.

Odunze led the nation in receiving yards last season with 1,640. He also had 92 receptions and 13 touchdowns. He has exceptional hands and 50/50 balls are more 80/20 balls for him. If Marvin Harrison Jr. was not in this draft, we would likely be debating whether Nabers or Odunze was WR1. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah sees Larry Fitzgerald with Odunze.

While receiver may not be as a glaring of a need for the Bears as an edge rusher, I simply don't think they can pass on him if he is there. They are a twisted Keenan Allen ankle away from running out a receiving corps of D.J. Moore, Tyler Scott, and Velus Jones. If Odunze comes in and excels, the Bears likely would not have to re-sign Keenan Allen and use that cap space elsewhere.

The most important part of 2024 is developing Caleb Williams and providing him with as many weapons as possible is what is best in my opinion.