Final Bears 7-Round Mock Before 2024 NFL Draft

The first pick in the draft is all but set in stone, but what do the Bears do after that?
Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears
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The NFL draft is a little less than a week away and the Bears hold two picks in the top-10. This is quite the rare situation where the Bears finished 7-10 last season and still possess the first overall selection due to the trade last season with the Carolina Panthers.

The Bears only have four picks total, the least of any team in the league. The good news is the value of those four picks is ranked third overall per Tankathon. They are likely able to land two blue-chip prospects to hopefully be the faces of the franchise for years to come.

Bears fans have been likely been looking at mock drafts since November and the hope is that after this draft, that is not the case anymore going forward for some time. This draft has the potential to be the biggest draft in Chicago Bears' history. With that being said, let's take a stab at one more mock before the big day.

It is and Always has Been Caleb Williams

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The draft really starts at the second pick with Commanders as Caleb Williams is already scraping ketchup off his hotdogs and deciding if he wants to throw the first pitch of a Cubs or a White Sox game. That is likely the only way to get fans to a White Sox game these days. Williams has only met with the Bears and has honestly been viewed as the number one pick since 2022 where he won the Heisman.

Williams' playmaking ability and arm talent is like none we have seen since Patrick Mahomes. I am not saying he is going to be Mahomes as there are numerous factors that come into play there, but the similarities are hard to look past. Williams himself says he compares his game most to Aaron Rodgers and I am sure Bears fans everywhere would be more than okay if that ends up being the case as Rodgers tortured them for a decade-plus.

Williams will walk into one of the best situations from a pure talent perspective we have seen of a No. 1 pick. The Bears have quite honestly never developed a quarterback successfully and a lot of that is due to the lack of playmakers around them. Ryan Poles has made it clear he does not want that to be the case this time around as the Bears brought in D'Andre Swift, Keenan Allen, and Gerald Everett. I don't think he stops there either as we move on to pick No. 9.