Colin Cowherd Proves Why Bears Fans Should Ignore All Caleb Williams Rumors Until Draft Day

Bears fans everywhere are on edge and will be for the next two months. It's best to just step back, take a breath, and wait it out.
Nov 11, 2023; Eugene, Oregon, USA; USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (13) walks off the field
Nov 11, 2023; Eugene, Oregon, USA; USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (13) walks off the field / Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
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In over 100 years of existence, there may not have been a more stressful or antagonizing time to be a fan of the Chicago Bears than right now. Back in 2022 when the Bears hired Ryan Poles as their general manager in 2022, Poles vowed to take a hold of the NFC North division and "never give it back."

Well, that's a lot harder to do now than it was then.

The Green Bay Packers may have groomed their third straight Bear-killing quarterback. The Detroit Lions have officially arrived on the scene as legitimate contenders. And the Minnesota Vikings are just 2-3 playmakers away from being in the mix.

Now, the Bears have big decisions to make to continue their path of improving and contending. It all starts with the plan at quarterback. While nothing is for sure, the heaviest of rumors have the Bears trading current quarterback Justin Fields and using their first overall pick in the upcoming draft to take quarterback Caleb Williams out of USC.

Of course, being in Chicago and being first in line for the top talent in the draft from Los Angeles brings its own set of problems. 2 of the 3 biggest media markets in America are involved in the biggest story in the biggest sports league - what could possibly happen here? Here's a timeline of just one day of the almost 3 months we are in-store for.

1. Cowherd speaks candidly on Williams; local media reacts.

FS1's well-known talk show guy Colin Cowherd, talking about Caleb Williams, took some time on his show to mention that Williams and his group do not want him to play in Chicago for the Bears. Keep in mind, Cowherd is based in Los Angeles and is often on the USC campus/sporting events. Also, Williams does not have an agent - so his "camp" is widely speculated to just be him and his dad.

As expected, Chicago media took that and ran very quickly.

Before listening to the Cowherd clip and reacting to the news, Danny Parkins of 670 the Score gave credit to the source that Cowherd could be when it comes to news about Williams. After the clip, he just unloaded his fear and disdain towards the possibility (and, in his opinion, likelihood) of this being real.

To add fuel to the fire, executive producer of the show, Shane Riordan, directly texted Williams' dad to confirm the report. His response was the general "I've been told not to speak on the matter" we see when spicy stuff like this emerges.

The reaction from Parkins and the response from Williams' father, of course, set the internet ablaze...