Chicago Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Strengthening the Defensive Front

We are one month away from the 2024 NFL Draft, the Bears are on the clock.
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4. Malachi Corley (75th Overall)

Malachi Corley. Malachi Corley. 3. 2192. Round 3, Pick 75. . . Wide Receiver . Malachi Corley. player

The Bears added Keenan Allen this offseason to complement D.J. Moore, but after that there is a decent drop off to Tyler Scott and Velus Jones. If the Bears pass on receiver early in the draft, they will likely grab one later on as this draft is pretty deep at the position. Corley has been labeled the "YAC King" as he makes a living on making plays after the ball is in his hands.

He is not going to tower over anyone as he only stands 5'11", but he is also 215 lbs and built like a running back. He has excellent hands and speed to go with elite strength for the position. We are talking Deebo Samuel as his ceiling. He does lack a true, complete route tree but that will not be needed playing next to Allen and Moore who are two of the better route runners in the league.

Corley is essentially what Velus Jones was hopeful to be: a gadget player with elite speed and after-the-catch ability. Jones clearly has not panned out, but Corley can be another swing at the position. An offense with Allen, Moore and Kmet drawing lots of attention can become lethal by adding Corley into the mix.