Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Two Trades Cause Massive Shake-Up

The Bears decide what to do at quarterback in this mock draft.

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The Bears have made significant investments on the defensive side of the ball. This is a good draft to invest in the offense, especially in a deep draft for offensive linemen.

That is why it would not be a shock for Ryan Poles to use his two fourth-round draft picks on offensive players.

5. Poles Adds Running Back Help With Jaylen Wright (No. 110 Overall)

4. Todd Draft Piece First 4th Round Pick. Jaylen Wright. player. . Jaylen Wright. 534. Running Back. Fourth Round, No. 110 Overall Pick.

Wright kicked off the Tennessee vs. Georgia game with a huge run.

The Bears need to replace D'Onta Foreman. Khalil Herbert is also in the final year of his deal. Head coach Matt Eberflus loves to run the ball. The problem is the Bears have lacked an explosive running back during his tenure.

Wright can take it to the house on every touch.

Wright gained 1013 yards on 137 carries last season. He had 146 rushes in 2022. Wright is excellent at picking up yards after contact.

Although running into tacklers is a weakness in his game much like it was for David Montgomery. Then again, Montgomery picked up tough yards and Wright appears to be able to do the same while having big run ability. He will also have to work on his ability to catch passes out of the backfield.

6. Tanor Bortolini Gives the O-Line a Desperately Needed Center (No. 122 Overall)

. Center. player. 493. Todd Draft Piece 2nd 4th round pick. . Fourth Round, No. 122 Overall Pick. Tanor Bortolini. 4. Tanor Bortolini

Center has been a major need position on the offensive line for a couple of years. It would not be a surprise to see the Bears sign a free agent and also draft one. Doug Kramer was taken in the sixth round in Poles' first draft, but he has not shown that he is a player that will develop into a starter.

Bortolini does have the ability to be one. If you need an offensive lineman, it can never hurt to get one from Wisconsin.

Bortolini is experienced in the zone run-blocking scheme and he is solid in pass protection. He also has versatility as he started 14 games at center, seven at left guard, three at right tackle, and two at right guard.

NFL scouts consider him one of the top sleepers in the draft.

He will have to work on the velocity of his snaps, especially in shotgun. Maintaining proper pad level off the snap is something else to work on. The Bears developed one of the best centers ever in Olin Kreutz. They did it by having him sit behind a veteran and then unleashing him on the NFL. The Bears could do the same with Bortolini.