Bears 7-Round Mock Draft: Two Trades Cause Massive Shake-Up

The Bears decide what to do at quarterback in this mock draft.

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The Chicago Bears are officially on the clock as they own the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

It is the second year in a row that the Bears have the rights to the top pick. Last year general manager Ryan Poles traded those rights to the Carolina Panthers for wide receiver D.J. Moore and a boatload of draft picks that included Carolina's first-round pick this year. Thanks to the Panthers finishing with the worst record in the NFL, the Bears control the draft yet again.

The debate that will rage on among the Chicago Bears community is whether the team will keep quarterback Justin Fields, and thus trade down from the No. 1 pick for a king's ransom of picks and players, or take USC quarterback Caleb Williams, a player considered to be generational.

Those in Justin Fields' camp are encouraged that team president Kevin Warren gave Justin a ringing endorsement.

The Caleb Bros should be hopeful that Poles is going to take Williams with reports that it will take a historic trade package for the Bears to move the top pick and stick with Fields.

Warren and the McCaskey family have made clear that Poles has full authority over all football decisions. Williams comes with risks, but his talent and the ability to reset the rookie quarterback contract clock might be too good to pass up.

Remember, Poles was involved in the Kansas City Chiefs decision to take Patrick Mahomes over Deshaun Watson in the 2017 draft. Finding Tyson Bagent in undrafted free agency is another small reason to trust Poles' decision

Unless Williams has some serious character issues, Poles is likely to go with Williams as his pick with the No. 1 overall pick in this mock draft.

1. Caleb Williams (No. 1 Overall)

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Let's first address some drawbacks Williams has. He is listed at six feet, one inch. That is not an ideal size for a starting quarterback. In addition, there are grumblings he will measure at six feet.

There are also concerns about the struggles he had against Notre Dame and Utah this season. He also declined to speak with the media after a loss to rival UCLA. He also went into the stands after a loss to Washington and cried in his mother's arms.

According to Merril Hoge, the man who said Johnny Manziel would be a bust, Williams is not that special.

Okay, now that we have gotten the bad out of the way, let's go over why he is a generational talent. Williams made his college debut when he was at Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry against Texas and railed the Sooners to a victory over the Longhorns.

He was absolutely amazing in that game as a freshman.

When Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma for USC, Williams followed him to Los Angeles and won the Heisman Trophy. Williams threw for 10082 yards and 93 touchdowns during his college career. 8170 of those yards and 72 of those touchdown passes came at USC.

The most impressive stat is he threw just 14 interceptions in college.

College passing yards tend to be inflated. Justin Fields cooked in college too. The difference is Williams throwing motion allows the ball to get out quickly. He can absolutely sling the ball. He is already a better pocket passer than Fields.

In addition, he makes incredible plays while improvising and from the pocket. He needs to improve his footwork and he has the same issue as Fields by holding onto the ball too long. Some think the reason he was taking unnecessary hits was because USC's defense was so bad, that Williams felt he had to make an amazing play on every snap to score.

The Bears' defense should be good enough to support him where he will be okay with giving up on a play and throwing the ball away.

Williams is considered to be not only the best quarterback prospect in the draft but the draft's best player. That is going to be tough to pass up.