7 Luke Getsy Replacements the Bears Must Target for Offensive Coordinator Opening

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4. Greg Roman

He should be considered only if the Chicago Bears decide to keep Justin Fields. You then want to get the guy who helped design an offense that Lamar Jackson thrived in. Now the comparisons between Jackson and Fields should stop as Jackson won an MVP in his second season. Lamar also developed his pocket passing game quickly. 

At the same time, they are athletic marvels who do amazing things with their legs. Roman put together an offense that took advantage of Jackson’s dynamic play making ability. Maybe he can do the same.

5/6. Brian Callahan or Frank Smith

Callahan has served as the offensive lieutenant for Zac Taylor and Smith has done the same for Mike McDaniel. They have never called an offense. 

These are the dream candidates as they are both interviewing for head coaching openings based on them coming from Kyle Shanahan/Sean McVay coaching tree.

Both should get some credit for helping develop young quarterbacks. The problem is we might run into a Luke Getsy situation with these two as both have never called an offense before and might be so committed to the offense that they will shoehorn players into it.

At the same time, Smith has worked for various teams and has experience working as an offensive line coach. Both have some varied coaching background which you like to see, but they will probably not be available.

7. Darrell Bevell

He will always be known as the offensive coordinator that called for a pass over having Marshawn Lynch run that costed the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLIX.

He also has skins on the wall of developing quarterbacks like Russell Wilson and Tua Tagovailoa. Bevell has also worked with Trevor Lawrence during his rookie season. He has also coached Matthew Stafford and Brett Favre.

Bevell is working in Miami right now, but he is also a very experienced offensive coordinator. That resume includes winning a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship Games.

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