7 Luke Getsy Replacements the Bears Must Target for Offensive Coordinator Opening

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Matt Eberflus is staying as the Chicago Bears head coach, but he will have to find a new offensive coordinator.

Luke Getsy was fired as the team’s offensive coordinator.

The fan base might not be happy with Eberflus being retained, but at least Getsy will no longer be around to call 20 or more screen passes. Getsy is out of job because his inability to develop quarterback Justin Fields’ pocket passing game. Well, he tried, but he attempted to make him Aaron Rodgers and not Lamar Jackson.

The offense lacked explosive plays. It ranked tied for 27th in passing yards and tied for 20th in plays over 20 yards. The Bears attempted just 16 passes against Green Bay in the season’s final game. Fields was asked to drop back just 21 times. 

Getsy’s dismissal was a long time coming.

The problem is Eberflus is presumed to be returning while being on the hot seat. The assumption is he must win games, and possibly with a rookie quarterback, or he will be out of a job.

These are not ideal conditions in finding a suitable replacement to improve the offense and either get the most out of Fields or develop a rookie quarterback if one is taken with the No. 1 overall pick.

Eberflus is going to have to try and there are some coordinators who can do a better job than Luke Getsy. At the very least, hopefully this new offensive coordinator will not ask his speedy wide receiver to block on screens or be too cute on third or fourth-and-short.

1. Frank Reich

Eberflus was Reich’s defensive coordinator in Indianapolis. It makes sense Eberflus will tab his former boss to run the offense. The problem is Reich has been fired two seasons in a row from his head coaching gigs in part because the offense was failing. He was fired in season too!

Reich coached rookie Bryce Young with the enthusiasm of going to a root canal. Although there were rumors that Reich preferred another rookie quarterback. Maybe if he participates in the quarterback decision, he will be more engaged in that quarterback’s development.