6 Bears on the Trade Block Heading Into Training Camp

Which Chicago Bears players could be on the trade block heading into training camp?
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5. Dominique Robinson, EDGE

There was a lot to like about Dominique Robinson's potential coming out in the 2022 NFL Draft, but the Day 3 NFL Draft dart throw has been slow to acclimate himself to the NFL level. If he can put together an impressive offseason, the Bears would probably rather keep him in the rotation, but if he struggles a bit, they might shop him around to see who might still have the ink drying on his 2022 scouting report.

Bear Goggles On wrote recently about why Robinson would have been one of the players to benefit most from a developmental type of league early in his career:

"He went from a wide receiver at Miami (OH) to a defensive end, which is one heck of a transition. He flashed enough to get drafted, but the jump from the MAC to the NFL is big even if he had been rushing the passer throughout his collegiate career.

So, Robinson struggled. The big issue is that he was worse in year two than he was as a rookie. He showed no signs of development. It is tough, though, when you have to get thrown into the deep end as a rookie, and then slowly see your playing time reduced because you cannot keep up. "

Parker Hurley

The Bears are in a really tough spot right now with Robinson, a player they obviously liked a lot but not someone who is really contributing. He just turned 26 and has a little experience playing special teams as well as contributing as a pass rusher. The Bears will undoubtedly hold out hope that he can reach his potential, but if not, they might call around seeing if teams are still willing to buy their pre-draft reports on Robinson and see if he can work in their system.