6 Bears on the Chopping Block After 2024 Minicamp

Which Chicago Bears players are on the chopping block after 2024 minicamp?
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3. Travis Homer, Running back

Travis Homer played in 16 games for the Bears last year and didn't record a single carry or reception.

There's only one way a "running back" can be active for that many games and have literally no impact on the offense -- you've got to be a core-four special teams player. And that's exactly what Travis Homer is.

It's what he's always been. Over the last three years, he's played 50 percent or more of the special teams snaps for the Bears or Seahawks, but keeping a special teams-only type of player at running back in the NFL in 2024 is somewhat similar to keeping a third quarterback.

The Bears will have to make tough decisions all over the roster, and keeping a player like this will be something that's highly debated among the coaching staff. Getting rid of a player who gave them 253 special teams snaps last year isn't going to be a unanimously agreed-upon move, but times have changed quickly in the NFL.

To continue beating this dead horse, one of the key areas of an building an NFL roster that has been impacted this offseason is on special teams. The league's new kickoff return rules essentially mandate you have a depth chart with multiple kickoff return specialists and possibly even additional offensive lineman compared to before.

The Bears might not be able to keep a player like Homer around because of those new rules