5 Reasons the Chicago Bears Must Quickly Decide to Trade Justin Fields

Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Kirk Cousins being on the open market soon is a big reason why.

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Teams May Punt This Year for a Shot at Ewers and Sanders

Teams could go through the draft process and just decide a draft pick is not worth it. Instead, they may decide to punt and see if they will be in a position for Quinn Ewers and Shedeur Sanders.

While they are not viewed as generational as Williams, they both have the talent to be high-level starters in the NFL.

A team like the Giants could decide to pay Daniel Jones one more season and see if they have a shot to draft one of those two players a year from now.

Pittsburgh could similarly run it back with Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph and if the results do not work out, they then can go after Ewers and Sanders.

We saw some quarterback-needy teams like the Washington Commanders give Sam Howell a shot instead of trying to draft Will Levis when he was still on the board. Now, they are in a prime spot to take whoever the Bears decide not to go with.

The key is there are options out there that could jeopardize Fields' market. That does not mean the Bears should rush to make a trade, but they should also not be patient. Plus, Williams will be drafted after offseason workouts start. It would be kind of awkward to have both Caleb and Justin in the same building at that juncture.