5 Reasons the Chicago Bears Must Quickly Decide to Trade Justin Fields

Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Kirk Cousins being on the open market soon is a big reason why.

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Potential Rise of McCarthy, Penix Jr, or Bo Nix Draft Stocks

Michael Penix Jr. and Bo Nix did not have the best Senior Bowl appearances. You still cannot ignore their college experience and production.

If Brock Purdy has proven anything, a lot of college reps matter. Those two have a lot.

Also, McCarthy is another quarterback who has the talent to be considered a first-round pick. He is coming off winning the National Championship and proved that he can at least operate an offense at a high level.

A team like the Falcons, Broncos, or Vegas could decide to go with one of these three players and the cheap rookie contract that goes along with them. They can be paired with a bridge quarterback while they develop. Ryan Tannehill and Jimmy Garoppolo are expected to be on the market. Those two can be signed as veteran mentors while one of those three quarterbacks develop.

That is the downside of Fields being in the last year of his cheap rookie contract. A team can pick up his fifth-year option but it will not be nearly as cheap as it is under the rookie deal.