5 Reasons the Chicago Bears Must Quickly Decide to Trade Justin Fields

Russell Wilson, Baker Mayfield, and Kirk Cousins being on the open market soon is a big reason why.
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Baker Mayfield Not Getting the Franchise Tag

Another veteran quarterback might be headed for the open market. Reports are out that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will use the franchise tag on safety Antoine Winfield Jr.

Mayfield had a monster season in Tampa and resurrected his career. He led the Bucs back to the playoffs when it looked like it was a tank season for Tampa.

Baker leaving Tampa has one benefit as it will leave a team with contention hopes needing a quarterback. Maybe the Buccaneers would be interested in trading for Fields.

On the flip side, it would put the Bucs in the running to go get Cousins and Wilson first as those are two quarterbacks with playoff experience. Also, Tampa might not be the ideal trade partner compared to Atlanta since the Falcons' picks are earlier in the draft.

Regardless, Mayfield hitting free agency takes another team out of the market for Fields.