5 Former Bears Who Failed Miserably With Their New Teams in 2023

Which former Chicago Bears did not fare well in 2023?
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2. Chase Claypool, WR, Dolphins

The Chicago Bears' decision to trade a second-round pick for Chase Claypool last year was ridiculous in the first place. They got almost nothing of real value in return for Claypool, whether we're talking about on-field production or in the trade with the Dolphins.

Since being traded to Miami, Claypool has caught three passes for just 23 yards. The move to Miami felt like something that could really benefit Claypool and his skill set, but ever since he started making a fuss in Pittsburgh, he's been a complete bust.

Not only was Claypool a waste of the Bears' time, but he might prove to be a waste of the Dolphins' time as well.

3. Adrian Amos, S, Jets/Texans

The former Chicago Bears star safety and big-money free agent for the Green Bay Packers has found himself looking for work on multiple occasions this season.

Amos, a captain for the Green Bay Packers at one point, signed with the New York Jets who had some injuries in their secondary, but he couldn't last there. That's not a great sign, and it's not a great sign that he hasn't been able to be a real solution for the Houston Texans given their injury issues in the secondary as well.

Amos was part of an outstanding Chicago Bears defense, once upon a time, and had a solid stint with the Green Bay Packers after he left Chicago in free agency. But after being cut by the Jets in 2023, it looks like he might be approaching the end of the road.