5 Blackhawks Leaving Chicago in the New Year

The NHL landscape is constantly changing and rosters can be shaken up at a moment's notice. Here are five Blackhawks who are likely leaving Chicago at some point in the New Year.
Nick Foligno is one of five Blackhawks who are likely leaving the Windy City in 2024.
Nick Foligno is one of five Blackhawks who are likely leaving the Windy City in 2024. / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Jason Dickinson, C

It's safe to say that Jason Dickinson has exceeded any and all expectations this season.

The 28-year-old veteran has been phenomenal playing up and down Chicago's lineup. After scoring just 14 goals since being drafted 29th overall in 2013, Dickinson has already racked up a career-high 11 goals through 34 games while adding five assists and leading all Blackhawks forwards with a plus-6 rating.

Unsurprisingly, Dickinson's breakout performance has led to his name being thrown in the trade rumor mill. It makes sense, too. A cap hit of $2.65 million is more affordable for contenders than the majority of big names on the block and his two-way style of play is something teams love once the postseason arrives. It wouldn't be shocking if the Blackhawks could get a third- or even second-round pick in return.

Do the Blackhawks have to trade Dickinson? No, but it might be in their best interest to strike the iron while it's hot. Dickinson is currently on pace for 26 goals and while that's fine and dandy, there's a chance that this season could be an anomaly based on how the rest of his career has gone. If he winds up regressing next year, Chicago is going to wish it had moved on sooner.

On top of that, Dickinson is also a UFA in the summer and could want to test the open market to cash in on a huge payday. While the Blackhawks will have a ton of money to spend, they don't need to overpay for a middle-six forward's services with how unpredictable salary cap growth can be.