4 former Chicago Bears could be in the Hall of Fame soon

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Devin Hester's case is a bit more complicated.

Hester changed the game as a kick returner. No one was more thrilling to watch when Hester fielded a punt or kickoff.

He holds the record for kick-return, punt-return, and total-return touchdowns. He opened the Super Bowl by taking the opening kickoff to the house. It was the highlight of the Chicago Bears' loss.

Everything he did with the football was amazing (well except for running routes in the failed experiment to make him a wide receiver). Just being great at returning kicks is one reason he was not a first-ball Hall of Famer. His detractors point out that he barely touched the ball. That is ignoring that he got so great at taking kicks to the endzone that teams simply refused to kick him.

The Bears' offense benefitted from great field position. Hester being a specialist argument does not hold water as there are kickers and punters in the Hall of Fame. Special teams are critical to any team's success and should be recognized as such. No one was better at returning kicks than Hester.

Jared Allen did more against the Chicago Bears than he did with the team.

Allen played just a season-and-a-half in Chicago towards the end of his career. He registered just 5.5 sacks. He was a force when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.

He racked up 85.5 of his 136 career sacks while with the Vikings. He had 15 sacks against the Bears. His 2.5 sack game in Minnesota against the Bears allowed the Vikings to win the NFC North that season.

Allen made five Pro Bowls and the All-Pro team four times. Allen should get into the Hall of Fame someday but it might not be this year.