3 Zach LaVine Trade Packages Bulls Need to Consider After Caruso Deal

The next likely trade candidate for the Chicago Bulls is All-Star shooting guard Zach LaVine. Who are his suitors?
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Detroit Pistons

Another team that has significant cap space and could use the skill set LaVine brings is the Detroit Pistons. After winning 17 and 14 games in consecutive seasons, the Pistons are in desperate need to take a step forward next season. They have some young, promising talent, but they don't have enough quality veterans. LaVine could fill that need.

A potential trade scenario could look like this.

lavine pistons

The Bulls would get an intriguing young player in Isaiah Stewart. The 23-year-old can play both big positions, can shoot the ball, rebounds well, and provides physicality. He signed a four-year, $60 million extension with the Pistons, and with the rising salary cap, that will likely look team-friendly in a few years.

Similarly to the Sixers' deal, Chicago would create a massive trade exception once again. They could use it on another deal later in the year.

None of these trades are very inspiring but this is LaVine's trade value right now. It's hard to imagine the Bulls doing much better than any of these three deals. At this point, any trade that gets the Bulls a positive return would be a good one for Chicago.

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