3 Zach LaVine Trade Packages Bulls Need to Consider After Caruso Deal

The next likely trade candidate for the Chicago Bulls is All-Star shooting guard Zach LaVine. Who are his suitors?
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Philadelphia 76ers

This would be a fascinating trade. It would require the Philadelphia 76ers to strike out on their preferred offseason targets first. They presumably have free agents Paul George, OG Anunoby, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, or trade options like Jimmy Butler higher on their list than Zach LaVine. However, if they can't get any of them, they need to use their cap space somehow.

The Sixers have more cap space than basically anyone in the league. In fact, out of their rotation players, they only have Joel Embiid on their books for next season. They will obviously re-sign Tyrese Maxey, but how they fill out the rest of their roster remains a massive question mark.

One option they have is to just take LaVine into their cap space. They don't even have to give up anything of value to make that happen.

lavine sixers

This would eat up most of their cap space, so they would have to fill the rest of their roster with low-paid role players. But, it would give them another perimeter creator to ease Embiid's offensive workload.

This would create a $43 million trade exception in Chicago's books. They can use that at a later time to take on salaries in a trade without having to make the math work. It gives them significant financial flexibility.

Would the Bulls part ways with LaVine for basically nothing? It doesn't sound like something this Bulls front office would do but they probably should.