3 Underrated Bears Who Have Earned Contract Extensions

Are these Chicago Bears players the key to future success? Contract extension possibilities

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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This Chicago Bears roster is in such a fascinating spot. Having the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft makes it feel like the team is rebuilding, but they won seven games in an incredibly competitive NFC North last season.

The roster is mostly young, and very few players received any sort of national recognition last season, despite the Bears exceeding expectations by a big margin.

That has left a significant portion of the Bears' roster underrated by the wider NFL community. Chicago should take advantage and extend these three players while they still can.

1. T.J. Edwards, Linebacker

An undrafted free agent for the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2019, T.J. Edwards developed into an every-down starter over his four seasons with the team before hitting free agency and signing with the Bears last offseason.

Edwards' contract showed that the league wasn't fully sold on the former UDFA yet, as the Bears were able to get him for 3 years and $19.5 million. Maybe teams were worried it was the Philly system letting him thrive, or just needed to see more before they believed in him.

Edwards answered by turning in his best season yet. He was all over the field for the Chicago defense, excelling in run defense, pass coverage and even pass-rushing when asked.

The off-ball linebacker spot has become de-emphasized in the NFL in recent years, which does even more to make an impact player like Edwards underrated.

He still has two years left on his current deal, but the Bears would be wise to try to lock the 28-year-old up through the rest of his prime now rather than being forced to negotiatiate in a year or two when he'll have firmly established himself as worth a big pay day.