3 Trades the Commanders Could Offer for Bears' No. 1 Pick

The Chicago Bears might decide to stick with Justin Fields at quarterback and leverage the No. 1 pick for more draft picks.

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Williams Trade 2

In this scenario, the Commanders get to keep the Bears' second-round pick they got from the Montez Sweat deal. In return, Poles nabs future assets that can pay dividends for three drafts much like he is currently getting from the Panthers.

This meets the current Jimmy Johnson trade value return of over 100% while the Commanders roll the dice to see if Williams elevates the Commanders to make it worth mortgaging the future.

The Bears once traded two first-round picks for Jay Cutler coming off a Pro Bowl season, so two firsts for a quarterback who has never played a down is reasonable. The Bears also punt on trying to get the premium in this year's draft for future draft assets. Again, it comes down to what Ryan Poles will consider historic.