3 Trades the Commanders Could Offer for Bears' No. 1 Pick

The Chicago Bears might decide to stick with Justin Fields at quarterback and leverage the No. 1 pick for more draft picks.

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NFL Network's Ali Bhanpuri put together a proposal where the Commanders fork over 125% of the value of the No. 1 overall pick.

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This offer is the same as Pro Football Network's except Washington sends their lower third-round pick (the one they are getting from San Francisco for Chase Young). Now for the Commanders, this seems like a trade they could stomach as they would still get to salvage at least one third-round pick that is in the top 100.

The Bears recoup their second-round pick plus another top-40 selection. That means the Bears would have two firsts and two seconds to add more around Fields or bolster the defense. That is a pretty tempting offer.

At the same time, Poles might want future assets and a player like what he got last year from the Carolina Panthers. The problem is swapping a spot is probably not going to yield a top player like Terry McLaurin, Daron Payne, or Jonathan Allen.

First, the Commanders are not in a messy salary cap spot. Second, Washington could send over 100% in value by swapping first-round picks and sending a second-round pick. The Commanders might be desperate, but the Bears would have to create a major bidding war for Washington to give up players.

Future draft picks are something Poles might be able to get in his mark-up demand. A package could look something like this where both parties might think is sensible and historic.