3 Reasons Shane Waldron Was the Right Offensive Coordinator Hiring for the Bears

The Bears have a new offensive coordinator. Here's what we know about the new hire.
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Waldron is a QB Collective Guy.

QB Collective is a series of camps hosted by offensive experts and coached by some of the best NFL offensive minded coaches.

Waldron and McVay are both a part of this organization, along with notable head coaches Kyle Shanahan (San Francisco 49ers), Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins), and Matt LeFleur (Green Bay Packers).

This is something of note because current Bears quarterback Justin Fields was a part of this camp. Additionally, projected 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft Caleb Williams is reportedly going to work with QB Collective.

It seems that no matter what direction the Bears take between keeping Fields and drafting Williams, the Waldron hire puts them in a good position. He will have at least a base relationship with both quarterbacks from working with them at this camp, and he will have references on both quarterbacks from some of the greatest minds in football who work with him at these camps.

This offseason has seen and will continue to see a lot of big names available for hire in the NFL. The Bears chose to stick with their general manager and head coach despite these opportunities. They obviously have confidence in what they're doing and have a plan moving forward. Here's to hoping Waldron is everything that plan needs, and more.

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