3 Reasons Why Justin Fields Did Not Work Out for the Bears

The Chicago Bears are moving on from the quarterback as he was traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal
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2) Fields ran out of time

Justin Fields would probably still be with the Bears had the team not had the No. 1 overall pick. Once the Carolina Panthers clinched the worst record in the NFL, it handed the top pick to the Bears after Carolina traded with the Bears in the 2023 draft for the No. 1 overall pick.

The Bears were right to stick with Justin last offseason despite being in a position to draft Bryce Young or C.J. Stroud. Young was too small, and it would have a tough sell replacing one former Ohio State quarterback with another.

Plus leveraging the No. 1 pick has turned out to be the gift that keeps on giving.

The Bears just used the fourth-round pick to land wide receiver Keenan Allen.

The Bears got four starting players and will get to draft a generational QB in Caleb Williams out of moving out of the No. 1 pick.

Having that opportunity along with still being an inconsistent pocket passer is why Fields ran out of time here. Add in this being the final season of the cheap part of Fields’ rookie deal and you got the final buzzer sounding.

The Bears get the chance to reset the rookie quarterback contract for another four years. When Justin still has this many questions on if he can be the man, it is better to reset the position now than wait another year and not be in a position to get a young, exciting replacement in case Fields fails.

Had the Bears not had the No. 1 pick, maybe Justin is still here. Williams is one of the few quarterback prospects that you can say is better from the pocket than Fields and can do amazing things like him when the play breaks down.

Caleb comes with risks, but if you watch more than his struggles against Notre Dame or Utah last season, you will see a quarterback with a quicker release. He processes faster. He sees the field better.

Justin got better toward the end of the season operating from the pocket, but it was not to the level where Poles could confidently trade down again. Not when Fields’ slight hitch in his delivery and hesitancy to rip the ball could mean he will never be more than a thrilling runner with flaws that will keep him from being a Super Bowl-winning QB.

The league may not be high on Fields, but he is still a solid starting quarterback. Solid does not win you the Super Bowl. Great does. You can get to the Super Bowl with solid like how the San Francisco 49ers got there with Brock Purdy.

It was the Kansas City Chiefs who won it with the great Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes could have been on the Bears had former general manager Ryan Pace chosen Mahomes over Mitchell Trubisky in the 2017 draft.

Williams is being compared to Mahomes. This organization cannot afford to pass on a talent like that again. Add in all those factors, and that is Fields only got three years instead of four like Mitch got.