3 Realistic Justin Fields Trade Packages the Falcons Could Offer the Bears

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
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The only wild card in all of this is if the Falcons hire Bill Belichick to be their head coach.

The reason that matters is one reason the Falcons are being speculated as a landing spot for Fields is they currently employ former Bears general manager Ryan Pace.

Pace is the GM who traded up to draft Justin. Pace currently has a lot of sway in the Falcons front office (he is not their general manager). That might be diminished if Belichick is there.

ESPN analyst Ryan Clark thinks Bill and Justin would be a good match though. Fields had one of his best games as a Bear against Belichick's New England Patriots in 2022. Cam Newton also started for Belichick and Cam is tight with Justin Fields.

At the same time, Belichick also needed a quarterback in the 2021 draft and did not trade up to get Fields when he fell.

It is unknown how much power Belichick will even have as the draft decisions in his latter days with New England are what contributed to his ousting in the first place. However, if he is the head coach, he should have a say as the head coach and quarterback relationship is the most important one in football.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of months. It would be great if Justin could fetch a first-round pick, but it is probably going to Day Two picks like what has always been speculated.

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