3 Realistic Justin Fields Trade Packages the Falcons Could Offer the Bears

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Justin Fields trade piece to Falcons

The Falcons have two third-round picks so picking up two top 80 picks might be worth asking for two draft choices back. The Bears will probably have to throw in a draft selection in this deal to get the Falcons interested, so offering their fourth-round selection should be where they start.

This deal gives Chicago five picks in the top 80. That is draft capital that could be used to upgrade the team to improve in the standings even with a rookie quarterback.

Justin Fields trade piece 3

This deal is if there is not much of a bidding war and the Bears need to unload Justin. Again, the Bears should aim to get three picks back preferably on Day Two. Atlanta has two third-round picks so the Bears should try to get them to give up those picks if the Falcons balk at giving up a second-rounder.

This package again gives the Bears five picks in the Top 80 except 65 players will come off the board between the time the Bears make their second first-round choice at No. 9 and then get back on the clock at No. 74 in this deal.

Although the Bears can use their other first-round pick to trade down to gain back a second-round choice. Either way, Justin Fields still should have enough value for the Bears to add draft picks in the Top 100.