3 Offseason Moves That Will Backfire on the Bears

Which moves could end up backfiring on the Chicago Bears this offseason?
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3. Trading Justin Fields to the Steelers

So far, this is the most high-profile move the Chicago Bears have made in the 2024 offseason. Trading away former first-round pick Justin Fields had to be a tough pill to swallow, even though he was never a Ryan Poles pick to begin with.

Fields played well enough last season -- at least it seemed like he did -- to warrant a starting look elsewhere in the league in 2024. Now, it seems like he will be fighting for a job with the Steelers against Russell Wilson, who is the current favorite to be the starter in Pittsburgh.

Still, you can't help but wonder a little bit if this move won't backfire on the Bears. It was a move they had to make given the fact that they got a mulligan on the #1 overall pick, but Fields' progression last season combined with the solid infrastructure the Steelers have?

It could end up being something that saves his NFL career.

Even if Fields doesn't open the season as the starter for the Steelers, it's not hard to see a scenario where he is their #1 QB beyond this season. Arthur Smith is one of the better coaches he could land with given the success he's had in recent years helping turn things around for Ryan Tannehill and having Marcus Mariota leading his team to a near playoff berth a couple of years ago as well.

If Fields does well in Pittsburgh and Caleb Williams doesn't work for Chicago, this one will blow up in Poles's face.

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