3 NFC North Rivals the Bears Can Steal in Free Agency

Which division rivals could the Chicago Bears steal in 2024 NFL Free Agency?

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2. KJ Osborn, WR (Vikings)

The Chicago Bears are remodeling at the wide receiver position. Outside of DJ Moore, the Bears need to basically completely revamp this position and a veteran player like KJ Osborn could actually be a sneaky-good pickup for them.

Osborn has been a consistent producer as a third or fourth option for the Vikings over the last handful of seasons, racking up 158 receptions for 1,845 yards and 15 touchdowns since 2021.

You have to have good role players at this position and this is an area where the Bears have really lacked. You obviously wouldn't want to see them go after KJ Osborn as a no. 2 option to DJ Moore, but as a third or fourth option in the offense?

That could be a nice addition, and Osborn would get a shot to stick it to the Vikings twice a year.

It could end up being the Atlanta Falcons and a reunion with Kirk Cousins for KJ Osborn, but the Falcons also just signed Darnell Mooney from the Bears, so maybe they're not in that market anymore. One way or another, Chicago needs to add depth to this position and find some players to raise the floor of the position group.

Osborn may be able to help do that.