3 Low-Cost Cornerbacks the Bears Can Sign to Pair With Jaylon Johnson

The Chicago Bears could find a solid cornerback to pair with Jaylon Johnson on a budget.
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3. CJ Henderson

Like I said earlier, one of the wisest things an NFL team can do is figure out a way to get young former first-round picks in the building.

Of course, there's risk attached when you're talking about young former first-round picks who are no longer with the team that drafted them. And in the case of CJ Henderson, there is certainly some risk involved. The former Florida Gators star was traded by the Jaguars during the dismal Urban Meyer year, and the Carolina Panthers haven't exactly offered a stable situation.

Getting him with a good defensive coach like Matt Eberflus could help resurrect his NFL career, which is what I think he's going to be aiming to do in the 2023 season.

Henderson has all of the physical and athletic traits you look for at the cornerback position. He's got size, length, and ball skills to go along with them. But he needs to be more consistent and he needs to stay healthy.

It would be fantastic to see the Bears take a shot on his talent. You never know when you're going to have an injury at the cornerback position and he's played both inside the slot as well as outside.

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