3 Low-Cost Cornerbacks the Bears Can Sign to Pair With Jaylon Johnson

The Chicago Bears could find a solid cornerback to pair with Jaylon Johnson on a budget.

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2. Myles Bryant

The Chicago Bears might want to think about pairing up not only Jaylon Johnson with cost-effective cornerbacks around the league, but perhaps the versatile Kyler Gordon as well.

Kyler Gordon was a second-round pick by the Bears back in 2022 and he's got five interceptions in his first two NFL seasons. Gordon has been an underrated piece of the Chicago secondary in recent years but perhaps he would be ready to kick out to the outside cornerback position and the Bears could look into the possibility of someone like Myles Bryant in the slot.

Bryant has been a four-year contributor for the New England Patriots, and like Gordon, is a former Washington Huskies star. As a matter of fact, the two were teammates at Washington as recently as 2019 when Bryant was in his final year there.

Of course, former second-round pick Tyrique Stevenson may have something to say about getting moved out of the lineup, so perhaps you would keep him and Jaylon Johnson at the outside cornerback spots and just bring in someone like Myles Bryant to be a 4th option at the position and play in your dime package.

Or perhaps Gordon could move around the formation in the dime and Bryant could step into the slot role.

It's better to have an embarrassment of riches in the secondary than the alternative, and Bryant's market has been cool enough that the Bears might want to at least inquire.